Saturday, January 15, 2011

Best Celebration Ever...The Pink and Blue Party

My daughter Kelli had the best party idea ever! My son Danny and his wife Sarah are expecting their third baby in March. We could've waited for a phone call following the ultrasound to hear if it's a boy or girl, but we made this into a celebration! Here's how it went down...

First...the party invitations:

Following Sarah and Dan's ultrasound appointment, the Doctor placed the results in a tightly sealed envelope. No one but the doctor knew the gender of the baby. Kelli drove to Fresno to pick up the results in that tightly sealed envelope. The envelope was delivered to our friend, Elisa, who was now the 2nd person to know the gender of our new baby until THE PARTY... Reveling in her top secret information, Elisa baked cupcakes, inserted either a pink or blue gumball in the center after they were baked and then frosted them. The gender of our new baby was buried in the center of a dozen cupcakes!

Menu--Ham and Egg Strata, cinnamon rolls from Jantz bakery, fresh fruit, bagels, coffee and juice.  (Cupcakes for dessert!)
Games--Party goers were divided into teams as determined by their guess of the baby's gender and their pink or blue attire.  Grown-ups played 25 question pink and blue trivia games.  Here's a sample:
Pink things...Scissors with serrated blades are called_________________. 
Blue things:  The artist associated with the "blue period" is _______________.
Competition between the pink and blue children's teams got very stiff during the baby washcloth toss.  Pink and blue baby washcloths rolled and tied with pink and blue ribbon had to be tossed into a basket.  The team with the most washcloths landing in the basket were the winners.
The competition between teams and the loud cheering and screaming (we have 5 little girls with incredible screams), really helped build the anticipation for the big moment.

Danny, Sarah, Abby and Kinsley

The PINK Team

The BLUE Team

Are you ready?  Few words are needed to describe the following events:

What a grand way to celebrate the addition of a baby BOY to our family.  We are blessed!

Thanks to Sarah for waiting a whole week to find out the results.  We know that was hard for you!
Thanks to Danny, Sarah, Abby and Kinsley for sharing this special moment with all of us.
Thanks to Kelli for such a great idea, for the invitations, and the special wooden letters from your Dwelling shop.

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